English Classes


We help ESOL students develop their language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This helps them develop the independence to:
  • continue education, for example our GED/ASE program or university
  • get better jobs
  • communicate with their children, their children’s teachers, medical providers, and others
  • participate more in community activities (On the left, please click Meet our students for examples.)

We have all class levels: survival literacy, beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Specialized software in the computer lab accelerates student learning. 

Incoming ALP students are placed in the appropriate ESOL class level according to the results of a placement test. As soon as they demonstrate that they have mastered the skills in that level, they can advance to the next level. ALP provides comprehensive instruction and supplementary services to help both those who need the basics, starting with ESOL literacy, and those who come in with more advanced proficiency. ESOL students who need high school credentials often advance into ALP’s ASE/GED program. 

Morning Classes
Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday
Evening Classes
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
Registration & Placement Testing
Contact: jpccalp@gmail.com
“Thanks to ALP, I lost the fear to speak in English. Now I can connect better with people at my work, in the store, in the hospital. Now I don’t depend on anybody to make an appointment with my doctor.”                                               – Amina